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Introducing QWAP, the game you can whap, a fun group card game for all ages!

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Place cards on pile in increasing order or until a β–  (clear) or πŸ– (whap) card is placed to move all cards into your own deck.  First player to grab all cards in their hand and deck wins!


  • Start by dealing all cards out evenly (or as evenly as you can) to each player. Of those cards, put 5 into your hand, and keep the rest sitting in your deck.
    First player plays a card to the discard pile, then take another card to have at least 5 in your hand from your deck.
  • Place a card of larger value on top of the discard pile. Player can place two of the same card to continue increasing value (such as a 9 is played, so two 1s can be played on top of that).
    Player can also play a card of the same value to take all cards under it into their own deck. If there are two cards from the last play, a player must place two cards to match.
    Player can also place a β–  card on top of the discard pile. If the next player plays a β–  or πŸ– card, and the next player can, and so on, they take the pile into their own deck, otherwise as soon as they cannot, the last player who did receives the pile.
    Player can also place a πŸ– card on top of the discard pile allowing every other person (but not themselves) to strike the pile with their hand, taking all cards under it into their own deck. If no one strikes the pile, then the player who placed the card must take the pile. No one can slap the πŸ–card when this is happening.
  • If a player cannot play a card (no duplicate or bigger value card, or β–  or πŸ– card to play),  they may take one card extra per turn, then it becomes the next player's turn.


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