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Use the tarot deck to play a newly designed by Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio, solitaire game!

Two different decks, a Pixel Art Deck, and the Rider-Waite tarot deck. The Rider-Waite is public domain but is not particularly safe for work. Arcade Arcanum the "8 Bit" style is by Bobby Frye under Creative Commons.


Place cards with lowest values first into Discard Pile by tapping them. Cards placed on top of each other must be of a higher value (or wild). Tap a wild card to empty the Discard Pile. If no larger values or wild cards are available, clear the Discard Pile by tapping it. This will cause 1 strike against you. If you get 3 strikes, you lose. If you empty all three Deck Piles, you win!

Card values are started with the smallest, Ace to 10, Page, Knight, Queen, King. The Major Arcana is wild and will clear any cards in the Discard Pile.

Clear at least 3 Major Arcana cards to receive a fortune.


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